30th september 2020

smart venue summit

Bridging the gap between venues and technology
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City apartments renovation

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I am impressed with the professionalism and exectution of the project by this team. Highly efficient, easy to communicate with and definitely know their craft. Thanks for an incredible result.
Mark Riley
The world is changing

transforming venues

Technology is having a huge impact on our personal and professional lives. It is helping businesses become more efficient, more knowledgeable, more secure and more sustainable.

Technology is also transforming the way in which events are organised and participants interact with one another. Event organisers and their attendees expect the same level of technological infrastructure at a venue as they get everywhere else: office, airport, hotel and home. As a result, technology is increasingly a deciding factor in venue selection for major event organisers and brands.

event venues

A Global Market

There are 1,217 event venues of greater than 5,000 m2 in the world, totaling some 35 million square metres of space, along with thousand of sports stadia and entertainment arenas.

Major events are increasingly peripatetic and represent a global market. Venue technology needs are both hardware and software related. This technology impacts the venue environment, infrastructure, business practices, sales and marketing. Above all, Venue tech is not the same as ”event tech”.


Venue Technology

Venue technology does not exist in isolation. It needs to integrate with the fabric of the venue, the needs of organisers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees:

  • Infrastructure: Wi-fi, Beacons, RFID, Servers, Facial Recognition, Seating
  • Hardware: Screens, Digital Signage, Cameras, Access control
  • Marketing Services: CRM, Content Management, Social Media, Tracking, Messaging
  • Operations: Logistics, Security, Calendar Management, Floor-Planning
  • Additional Services: Payment Solutions, Inventory Control, Car Parking, Transportation
  • Sustainability, Energy, Lighting
  • Health and Well-Being Products and Services
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The format

Smart Venue Summit Virtual Series

  • A 7 weekly virtual seminars – starting September 30th
  • 7 x 1.5 hour seminars
  • Each session will include:
    • Keynote
    • Topic focussed presentations and discussions
    • Venue Managers Panel
    • Networking

30th September 2020

Weekly for 7 weeks

Wednesday 1pm UK time

the topics

Integrating Technology in your venue

  • Intro to the Smart Venue
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital Information
  • Sustainability
  • Marketing Services
  • Security
  • Health & Safety

Network & Learn

  • Networking
  • Chairman’s Introduction
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Partner Presentation
  • Panel Discussion
  • Networking
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